Change Communication

"Nothing is as constant as change" - many employees in companies have to cope with this all the time. New business areas, new strategies, new minds: changes can only take place if colleagues understand and follow them. But employees are often skeptical of innovations and change processes. In that case it is important for a manager or team leader, to analyze the specific situation and its future requirements and to develop a suitable strategy right on time. Internal communication plays a central role in this special situation. In this workshop you will learn the basics of professional change communication. You will learn how to avoid pitfalls in change processes and on what you should pay attention to as a communicator.


  • communicative do’s and don’ts in the change process and their consequences
  • the different stages of the change process and the resulting communication requirements
  • protagonists, multipliers and „brakes“ of change communication
  • communication plans and concepts for a change


You will learn how to support change processes by effective communication tools and how to include everyone involved. You will learn which role communication plays in a challenge of change, how communicators can establish themselves more strongly, especially in change situations, and how valuable they are, for example, in line and for project teams. You are able to develop authentic messages and goals and develop powerful measures.


This seminar suits communicators, executives and project managers who want to successfully accompany, control and mediate change processes.The workshop aims at anyone who wants to know how to develop a communication plan for change processes.


Hendrix, Heike
Dr. Heike Hendrix (English) has been a consultant, trainer and coach for national and international companies, organizations, foundations and associations for more than 20 years. Previously Dr. Hendrix worked as Head of External Communications for an international management and communications consultancy. She has gained journalistic experience in various public and private media, including her work as an editor for domestic politics and personal assistant for the chief editor at ZDF. Since 2006 Dr. Hendrix has also been a lecturer at the Heinrich Heine University in Duesseldorf. Due to her stays abroad for several years, e.g. in Australia and Japan, Dr. Hendrix offers her training courses for managers, employees, trainees and students in German and English.


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